Eco Friendly Cleaners

If you are aware of being environmentally friendly or you are worried about the substances that are being released into the atmosphere when cleaning, then an eco friendly cleaning service may be for you. See: Eco Friendly Solutions

Among one of the top Eco friendly cleaning businesses in London, Vericlean are able to offer their customers:

  • Expert Eco friendly cleaning services suited to your budget
  • Cleaning that concentrates on all aspects of the office, such as kitchen, bathroom and desks
  • Coverage of Croydon and all nearby areas including Sutton, Coulsdon and Banstead

Reasons to Use Eco Friendly Services

Several cleaning products contain substances that could affect your overall health and result in either short-term or long-term negative effects.

However by using non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products that are effective at cleaning-up as well disinfecting your work environment, this will prove to be better for your general health and well-being, as well as being kinder to  the environment. Benefits of eco-cleaning.

Vericlean provides cleaners with Eco friendly products so all bacteria in your office are cleaned using their eco-friendly methods, alternatively clients are free to provide cleaning products of their own personal choice and preference.

Additionally also included in their Eco friendly cleaning services is carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning sanitises and eliminates germs by only using pure water, so this cleaning technique definitely decreases the requirement for possibly harmful cleaning chemicals.

So, if you are interested in eco friendly cleaning services, get in touch with Vericlean by calling 020 3291 1098 or emailing Use Vericlean Office Cleaners Ltd for your Croydon cleaning needs.