CBO Energy Solutions

CBO Energy Solutions

We lose a staggering £354 per UK household, due to energy wastage.

This is more than 50% of the average UK annual electricity bill – straight down the drain.

This not only takes a toll on our own finances, but the country loses £9.5 billion a year as a result of it.

We are all responsible for the energy used in our homes, and we at CBO can give you the power to change these statistics.

Double Glazing 

One way to save on energy is to invest in double glazed windows.

Double glazing ensures that heat doesn’t escape through thin windows and cold is kept out through a thick glass barrier. There are many ways to achieve this heat conservation through the windows.

What is double glazing?

Double-glazed windows are windows which have two layers of glass with a gap of around 16mm to create a barrier that insulates and keeps in the heat.

Double glazed windows are the most popular choices as there are many options available, from simple hardwood windows to hardwearing uPVC windows. Look here.

Top tips for houses that lose heat through the window.

  • Invest in a new set of double glazed windows
  • get secondary glazing
  • Try thicker curtains

CBO Energy Solutions

How you can change this loss

Our team have united with people all over the country to make positive changes to the way they use energy at home, drastically reducing the energy they waste on a daily basis.

As a result, our clients have successfully saved money that would otherwise have been lost through habits they did not realise.

Did you know that a study made by the Energy Saving Trust found that heating and hot water account for 62% of your yearly energy bills? We can help you make significant changes to these figures.

Our highly-skilled energy experts who have years of experience with state of the art boilers, central heating systems, insulation etc., can provide you with a multitude of simple tricks and reliable solutions that work in conjunction to ensure energy efficiency in your home.

From the most effective types of energy-saving bulbs to renewable energy such as solar panels, we can give you valuable advice that can work around your budget and lifestyle, while saving you money and reducing your home energy carbon footprint.