A Rise in Sustainable homes for Britain

The Benefits of Building Eco-Friendly Homes on a Budget

The environment and carbon emissions continue to remain a hot topic for building new homes. Sustainable housing projects continue to rise, with over 81% of new homeowners and young couples more cautious and tempted to buy a home for its eco-friendly features.

With rising energy costs, first-time homebuyers are increasingly looking at ways to save money. Eco-friendly and sustainable homes are a great way to crucially cut energy bills whilst producing minimal to no carbon emissions.

Affordable, Sustainable Building Exists Today

Housing developments can be built efficiently and effectively if you have the right team supporting you. Architects across the country have expanded their services and the majority of them are capable of designing efficient and eco-friendly homes for your project.

“A common perception is that building a sustainable or eco-friendly home can be costly, but even investing in loft and wall insulation is a minimal investment that can heavily increase the overall property value.”


There are various ways you can build an eco-friendly home. This can include:

  • Solar Panels
  • Loft Insulation
  • Triple-Glazed Windows
  • Smart Meter
  • Rubber Roofing


Environmental and sustainable homes continue to increase in popularity year-by-year. Homeowners are prepared to pay an increased price for a property that boasts eco-friendly features and is more sustainable for the future.

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