Expert Installation

We are working with a number of companies to help them not only save money on energy, but make money by selecting the right renewable energy solution to yield maximum returns from long term government incentives like the Feed-in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive Schemes.

100% Government Backed Scheme To Help You Save Money!


Our solar installers are experts in the field and will only take 1 to 3 days to install the entire system on your property. 

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By using Solar Power UK you will also qualify for the feed-in tariff scheme which provides you with, at present up to 40.3p p/kwh for all of the electricity you produce with your solar panels in other words a lot of electricity.

All our Solar Panel Installers have been working in and around Suffolk for over 10 years now and have built a strong reputation.

All installation are installed along the roof of your property, so it’s highly important that your roof is highly stable so make sure you check with your local roofers that everything is in perfect condition so it can support the weight of the solar panels. If your having trouble like many in Suffolk finding reliable roofers then look no further and Check out this site for all roofing services currently available!

Each of our systems will significantly reduce energy costs and enhance the day to day efficiency of your business.

But, deployed in combination these technologies, and the incentive schemes that support them, can deliver stellar returns on investment. 

There are many pros and cons with renewable energy so its important to you are aware of them!


Recycling and Disposing of Waste

Back in the day the word ‘recycling’ was relatively unknown.

In today’s environment recycling is almost the backbone of any waste management or rubbish disposal regime.

As we all buy more and more goods it will inevitably mean there is more waste, and this means collecting and disposing of waste becomes increasingly more expensive.

The pros and cons of renewable energy 

Waste reduction is the key solution to dealing with this growing problem.

The less waste produced means less waste to be managed

 Almost any type of waste can be recycled including common things like glass and cardboard.

There are many fully licensed and companies who work alongside the environment agency so you can be sure that your waste will be removed of properly and within the environment agencies guidelines. Visit this site 

Common goods That are recycled include:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Cooking Oils
  • Oil/Gas Products
  • Electrical Items
  • Glass

Want to find out about how you can save money?

Furniture Removal – Same Day Service – Cheap & Reliable

Sometimes it’s just time to admit the furniture isn’t what it used to be, once the hard part is done letting go of the furniture the rest is simple all you need to do is call us and we’ll arrange a time to come to your property and we’ll come on the same day or next day of calling and give you a quote for the job in hand.

Be sure to focus on quality

The cheapest quote might not be the best! Some, less qualified removal companies might overlook belongings while estimating. In the end your move might become more expensive, because of that.

Be sure that all your belongings are carefully noted and calculated.




Commercial Solar Electricity

High performance commercial solar electricity systems generating up to 25% ROI!

With electricity always rising its prices, investing in solar PV is a great opportunity for businesses.

The Energy Conservation Group have helped companies up and down the country gain a competitive edge by generating their own electricity on site, and we’re perfectly placed to do the same for you.

Our specialist commercial team has delivered a wide range of commercial projects up and down the UK, across many different business sectors, with each system having been custom designed to maximize returns and meet clients’ specific requirements.


Renewable Energy

Why do we need it?

Whether we like it or not, we are running out of fossil fuels at a rampant rate. Yes, our sources are vast and it is much easier for us to imagine that our supply of oil, gas and coal are immeasurable – but the world’s supply is finite, and our impact on the environment are too immense to give a blind eye to. According to the CIA World Factbook, by 2052 our oil deposits will be gone, as a result of our ever-growing population and colossal demand for energy. Renewable energy is the only solution.

Renewable Energy Sources for your home

  • Wind Energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Hydropower
Pros Cons
  • Supply exceeds demand – the earth collects 20,000 times more solar radiation from the sun than what we need. Therefore, as long as the sun exists, so will solar energy. Wind and water are also limitless.
  • Low Maintenance – systems only require cleaning several times a year and often come with 20+ year warranties.
  • Decreases Your Carbon Footprint – Unlike fossil fuels, these energy sources do not emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere
  • Saves you money – The installation may initially cost, but will drastically decrease your energy bills yearly.
  • Price – The installation of the systems can be expensive. However, incentives and support are given to home-owners which can cut the cost of solar-energy by over 50%
  • Irregular –Access to sunlight can be limited depending on time of the day, weather etc. Amount of wind energy collected depends on the velocity of winds, as well as the season and location.   





CBO Energy Solutions

We lose a staggering £354 per UK household, due to energy wastage. This is more than 50% of the average UK annual electricity bill – straight down the drain. This not only takes a toll on our own finances, but the country loses £9.5 billion a year as a result of it. We are all responsible for the energy used in our homes, and we at CBO can give you the power to change these statistics.

How you can change this

Our team have united with people all over the country to make positive changes to the way they use energy at home, drastically reducing the energy they waste on a daily basis. As a result, our clients have successfully saved money that would otherwise have been lost through habits they did not realise. Did you know that a study made by the Energy Saving Trust found that heating and hot water account for 62% of your yearly energy bills? We can help you make significant changes to these figures.

Our highly-skilled energy experts who have years of experience with state of the art boilers, central heating systems, insulation etc., can provide you with a multitude of simple tricks and reliable solutions that work in conjunction to ensure energy efficiency in your home. From the most effective types of energy-saving bulbs to renewable energy such as solar-panels, we can give you valuable advice that can work around your budget and lifestyle, while saving you money and reducing your home energy carbon footprint.