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How to cut energy costs in your home!

We know that you’ve heard it all before; compost your left over food and turn off any lights that don’t need to be on. Yes, these ideas do work and can save you money on your electricity bill but they don’t make a great impact. We want to share with you our secrets, tip & […]

Expert Installation

Expert Installation

We are working with a number of companies to help them not only save money on energy, but make money by selecting the right renewable energy solution to yield maximum returns from long term government incentives like the Feed-in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive Schemes. 100% Government Backed Scheme To Help You Save Money! OUR […]


Recycling Waste

Back in the day the word ‘recycling’ was relatively unknown. In today’s environment recycling is almost the backbone of any waste management or rubbish disposal regime. As we all buy more and more goods it will inevitably mean there is more waste, and this means collecting and disposing of waste becomes increasingly more expensive. The […]


Commercial Solar Electricity

High performance commercial solar electricity systems generating up to 25% ROI! With electricity always rising its prices, investing in solar PV is a great opportunity for businesses. The Energy Conservation Group have helped companies up and down the country gain a competitive edge by generating their own electricity on site, and we’re perfectly placed to do the […]

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Why do we need it? Whether we like it or not, we are running out of fossil fuels at a rampant rate. Yes, our sources are vast and it is much easier for us to imagine that our supply of oil, gas and coal are immeasurable – but the world’s supply is finite, and our […]

CBO Energy Solutions

CBO Energy Solutions

We lose a staggering £354 per UK household, due to energy wastage. This is more than 50% of the average UK annual electricity bill – straight down the drain. This not only takes a toll on our own finances, but the country loses £9.5 billion a year as a result of it. We are all […]